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When I first acquired my PayPal Me account several years ago, I remember you could put an amount in the link so that the person would have to pay that default amount. If I sold a ticket to my show for $ 40 there was a way to add 40 to the link so that it would say 40$ when they clicked on the link to pay.

Go to Step 2. Click Login on the top right hand corner of the screen. Step 3.

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If the customer doesn't have a PayPal account, he can create an account or pay by credit card. 19/02/2020 30/06/2020 .Me’s extra tip for using PayPal.Me: A very nice detail PayPal included in the user experience of their PayPal.Me service is including the amount of money you want to request in the URL. By including the amount , such at $15 to the end of our URL PayPal.Me/DomainMe/15, the link will “auto populate” the amount for the sender to transfer to you! Once you post PayPal button code onto your Facebook status the post will. appear like the example below. How to add FundRazr as an option to pay on Facebook.


PayPal.Me is a faster, easier way to get paid through PayPal. Just share your very own PayPal.Me link ( with others, and they can send you money for any reason. They don’t have to know your email address or mobile phone number, or even have the PayPal app. They can just tap on your link, go to your PayPal.Me, type in the 26/09/2017 01/09/2015 27/04/2020 01/09/2015 28/07/2017 13/09/2016 27/11/2019 02/09/2015 01/09/2015 21/08/2020 22/05/2018 18/11/2019 Set up guest payments options on your checkout page so buyers can pay for items through PayPal.

Sep 30, 2020 · Your PayPal.Me link is designed to make requesting payments easier. Signing up requires you to already have a PayPal account or you must be willing to make one. Once you have a PayPal account, follow these steps to create your PayPal.Me link: Visit PayPal.Me in the web browser of your choice.

Pay me link paypal

How to add FundRazr as an option to pay on Facebook. Step 1. Go to Step 2. Click Login on the top right hand corner of the screen. Step 3.

Pay me link paypal

The payment will be registered in your PayPal account. Just visit PayPal.Me to select your PayPal.Me Link and create your account.

Step 1. To provide an  2 Sep 2015 The new offering takes a page from Venmo, the mobile payment app popular with To use, each user has a free, personalized link  2 Sep 2015 One last chance to double check the spelling of the shortened URL that you're about to set for your link. Looks good? Description  PayPal* is an online payment method that lets you buy Skype Credit and other Skype products quickly and easily, where available, without having to share your   Visit our Instagram pageThis link opens a new window. Get the Uber app on the iTunes storeThis link opens  23 Apr 2017 2 Find 'Recurring Payments' and 'PayPal buttons.' Both will allow you to create the Donate link but 'Recurring Payments' is easier to use. 28 Sep 2015 This is the name that will come at the end of your customized Paypal payment link.

Create your own PayPal.Me link and share it instantly with anyone: friends, customers, or partners. If you don't already have a PayPal account, signing up is fast and free. And you can start accepting money from anyone in an instant. 2. 21/09/2019 Choose a username to create your PayPal.Me link. Share your link with your client to request payment. Your client will click on the link, log into PayPal, and complete the payment.

It worked fine. But I recently realised that it's not working anymore. Now it send to my profil page where it ask to request or send money. The amount is not even written anymore.

Setting up your link is easy!

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Me-Link erstellen und teilen. Mit PayPal.Me können Sie eine URL erstellen, die Sie dann anstelle 

If you can’t get the name you want because someone else has already signed up for it, you’ll need to choose a new one or select one of the ones PayPal automatically suggests⁷ is a custom payment link which you can share via sms, WhatsApp, and any other social apps so that your customers can pay you by simply clicking on the link. To create a link, you can go to and choose your own customized link. Once your link is confirmed, you can share it with your customers and/ or others to receive payments directly into your PayPal account. PayPal.Me is your link to accepting international payments in 25 currencies from customers in more than 200 markets and countries. All they need is a PayPal account. It’s safer Go to and sign into your account (alternatively, you can also go to, sign in, go into your settings, and then click "Get PayPal.Me").